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A mother,
a friend, 
an artist, 
a doula 
and a Breath Therapist.  As I sit and write these words to define my work, I am choosing to write them in the order of how they happened. 
Mother I have always been, 
Friend, since I learned about relationships, Ceramic artist I studied in my twentys at Betzalel Academy of Art and Design. 
Doula I became after giving birth, an experience that changed me and made me a better woman. A Breath Therapist after experiencing deep healing through my breath and meeting my first and so far my greatest teacher in my lifes journey. 
All these parts have shaped the woman I am today.
When I work with clay I become a child.
I play with the earth, I get dirty, I give myself completely to the water and the colors and  life in the moment.
Time stops in my studio ,and my mind quiets.
There is no thought of the result. 
Sometimes I am lost, and sometimes It helps me to find. 
In the end what I make is simple.
A cup, a plate or a bowl. Life is simple, now I understand. 
In the end things don't always go right or turn out perfect.

It is a process of wedging, throwing, hand building, drying, firing, glazing, and firing again  and only then I put it out there- here to the public .
this perfectly imperfect masterpiece, until it comes into the hands it was made for
Life is a process now I understand.



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